An Exciting Update About Mine Detection Dog Emily

A message from The Cray Family, who adopted North Mianus Elementary School (NMS) Champs dog “Emily” after retiring from service: “Last Fall, our family of 5 was very lucky to welcome a new lady to the house. Mine Detection Dog (MDD) Emily made the long trip from her home in Sarajevo, Bosnia to Greenwich, CT. … Read more

2023 Greenwich Girls Lacrosse Games Honoring Emily

Thank you to both the Varsity and JV Greenwich Girls Lacrosse teams who dedicated their April 29, 2023 games against Staples to honor Emily. Throughout the years, the team has continued to honor Emily and raise funds for the Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation. JV Coach Peter Simpson once again gave a heartfelt dedication about Emily … Read more

First “Swap Your Life Jackets for Emily” Event

May 2021 – The first “Swap Your Life Jackets for Emily” event was held on May 22, 2021 at the Innis Arden Cottage at Tod’s Point. Over 175 new coast guard approved Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation (ECFF) vests were swapped and given out to boat owners, water sports enthusiasts and the Greenwich Police Marine Department. … Read more

Mine Detection Dogs Booster and Emily: a Lifesaving Story

In honor of Emily, in 2016 CHAMPS Connecticut donated and named Mine Detection Dog Emily.  Like her namesake, Emily is true hero! Story from the Marshall Legacy Institute In August 2020, two new Mine Detection Dogs started working with Marshall Legacy Institute’s (MLI) partner MAG in Bosnia Herzegovina. MDDs Booster and Emily were donated in 2016 … Read more

December 2018 Pitch Your Peers 2nd Place Grant Recipient

We are excited to announce that ECFF was the recipient of the 2nd Place Grant Award on behalf of PitchYourPeers Greenwich! The generous award amount of $17,713 will go towards our pledge for completion of the Emily’s Chimes project at Greenwich Point. We are incredibly thankful to PYP’s JJ Worden, Dara Johnson and Jessie Clifford … Read more

Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation and The Greenwich Point Conservancy Announce a Pledge of Support for Restoration of Greenwich Point’s Historic Chimes Tower

November 2018: The Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation and the Greenwich Point Conservancy are pleased to announce the Foundation’s pledge to the Greenwich Point Conservancy of financial and planning support for the restoration of the historic Chimes Tower, which is a part of the beautiful and historic “Chimes Building” (c1896) at Greenwich Point.  The pledge will include funding for … Read more