An Exciting Update About Mine Detection Dog Emily

A message from The Cray Family, who adopted North Mianus Elementary School (NMS) Champs dog “Emily” after retiring from service:

“Last Fall, our family of 5 was very lucky to welcome a new lady to the house. Mine Detection Dog (MDD) Emily made the long trip from her home in Sarajevo, Bosnia to Greenwich, CT. Emily had spent her life clearing mines from the Bosnian countryside. Sponsored as part of the Champs program at North Mianus, it was wonderful to bring her back to the community that had a part in her saving many lives.

The move has come with some transitions for Emily, as she gets use to a chaotic house with three girls, living inside for the first time and non-stop cuddles. She’s done great, and now is quite pushy when she wants some love (nose nudges until you pet her). She is sweet, thoughtful and protective of our girls. When our 6 year old is dropped off from activities, Emily greets her at the car and walks her to the door to make sure she gets in safely. With Emily around, our family is well taken care of and well loved.

Knowing that she carries the name of a very special girl has meant even more to us. Many people in the community have told us stories about her wonderful namesake Emily. Thank you to everyone who has been a support and for the warm welcome to MDD Emily.”

💙Thank you Cray Family and to NMS! The 5th grade class of 2016 at NMS raised money to name a mine-seeking dog after Emily. Emily’s namesake dog served in Orahovica Jug, a mountainous area in north-central Bosnia Herzegovina, to declare the area mine free. Thanks to Emily’s work, the community can live without the fear of mines, saving thousands of men, women, children, and other animals.

Check out a video on Instagram here.