Within months of Emily’s passing, Joe and Pam Fedorko, the ECFF Board and Senator Scott Frantz worked with the state of Connecticut to pass Emily’s Law – this law prohibits children under the age of 16 from piloting a watercraft while towing skiers or tubers and requires a safety endorsement on towing instruction.

In addition, the ECFF has accomplished the following:

*Partnered with Connecticut DEEP, NASBLA, and WSIA on boating and towing safety awareness
*Participated in annual WSIA Summit’s, which allowed us to provide safety input into new products being launched.
Partnered with the top water sports manufacturer of life vests to create our own private label.
*Partnered, designed and created our water sport life vest
*Created a skier down orange flag unique to the state of CT and received a copyright design award
*Distributed thousands of Emsway water sport life vests
*Distributed thousands of safety packets at various boat shows and local marinas
*Participated in a Water Safety Forum with CT Legislatures
*Awarded renewable needs-based college scholarships
*Donated to the Greenwich High School Gymnastics Program through the YWCA to provide gymnastics equipment
*Hosted free safety classes for young boaters
*Funded a water sport instructional video that’s been distributed nationwide
*Provided Marine Police in various towns with Emsway water sport life vests to promote and educate safer waterways
*Designed and introduced a blue Emily boater safety kit to help replace orange required pull over vests
*Partnered with several boat dealers and supplied hundreds of Emily Boater Safety Kits for new boat owners
*Supplied the No Kids Left Inside organization with water sport life vest for their boating day in June, 2018

In 2018, our organization has the following goals:

*Participated in a CT Safety Awareness Public Hearing at the State Capital (February 27)
*Will host a booth at Greenwich Town Party (May 26)
*Will participate with No Kid Left Inside (June 9), a program run by the State of Connecticut benefiting all ages
*Continuing to provide local and state Marina’s and Yacht Clubs with various safety products on towing
*Continue to partner with boat dealers and supply them with Emily Boater Safety Kits for every boat purchased
*Continue to promote the introduction of our Skier Down Flag to the state of Connecticut

In addition, this summer we will be hosting three Emily Days on Long Island Sound and local lakes. We have partnering with the CT Marine Police; we will distribute free Emsway water sport life vests for those in need, along with showing an instructional video to help increase awareness.