The Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation (ECFF) is a family foundation that provides funding to spread education, advocacy and awareness of boating and water sports safety for adults and children, throughout Connecticut and nationwide.

An Update on Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation’s Fundraising Efforts

The Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation (ECFF) is pleased to be partnering with The Greenwich Point Conservancy in the restoration of the Chimes Building at Tod’s Point. Here is an update on our fundraising efforts:

ECFF has pledged to fund the complete restoration of the chimes musical mechanism, updating to the 21st century standards and bringing the chimes back as if it was 1904 again. We are pleased to announce that we’ve met our goal! Our fundraising efforts will now focus on the creation of the water sport safety center at the ground level of the chimes building. This is not completely funded yet, and it’s our goal – and with your help – to fund the safety center’s education efforts for a long, long time to come. 

We are thrilled that upon completion of this project, the playing of the chimes and the safety of the surrounding waters will be synonymous through Emily’s Chimes.

Emily Chimes Building

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