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Emily’s Chimes

Saturday, April, 4
7 PM – 11 PM

Arch Street Teen Center
100 Arch Street
Greenwich, CT

On Saturday, April, 4 please join the Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation for ‚ÄúEmily’s Chimes,‚ÄĚ an evening of celebration to support the ‚ÄĚEmily‚Äôs Chimes‚ÄĚ restoration project at Tod’s Point. Enjoy a fun-filled evening of great food and cocktails, DJ, dancing, and a live auction. The event will be held at Arch Street Teen Center in Greenwich, CT from 7 PM – 11 PM.

Formal invite coming soon!

December 2018 Pitch Your Peers 2nd Place Grant Recipient

We are excited to announce that ECFF was the recipient of the 2nd Place Grant Award on behalf of PitchYourPeers Greenwich! The generous award amount of $17,713 will go towards our pledge for completion of the Emily’s Chimes project at Greenwich Point. We are incredibly thankful to PYP’s JJ Worden, Dara Johnson and Jessie Clifford for their passionate pitch.

Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation and The Greenwich Point Conservancy Announce a Pledge of Support for Restoration of 
Greenwich Point’s Historic Chimes Tower

November 2018: The Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation and the Greenwich Point Conservancy are pleased to announce the Foundation‚Äôs pledge to the Greenwich Point Conservancy of financial and planning support for the restoration of the historic Chimes Tower, which is a part of the beautiful and historic ‚ÄúChimes Building‚ÄĚ (c1896) at Greenwich Point.¬† The pledge will include funding for the restoration of the Chimes Tower, which was added to the Chimes Building by J. Kennedy Tod in 1901. The restoration of the Chimes Tower will include refurbishing the rare c1901 ‚ÄúChimes‚ÄĚ mechanism and bells, which are located in upper portion of the Chimes Tower, and creating a water safety center in the base of the Tower. ¬†The overall restoration project for the Chimes Building, including the Chimes Tower, is being led by the Greenwich Point Conservancy, in coordination with the Town of Greenwich.¬† The project is slated to commence following completion of the overall facility design and receipt of all necessary Town approvals.

To raise community awareness and funds for the project, the Emily Fedorko Foundation launched a Facebook Fundraiser to coincide with the popular #GivingTuesday campaign, a worldwide philanthropy movement celebrated annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving ‚Äď November 27. Those interested in donating are encouraged to do so by donating through Facebook:

The pledge and restoration work on the Chimes Tower is dedicated to the life and memory of Emily Fedorko, a 16-year old Greenwich High School student who lost her life in 2014 during a tragic water tubing accident off the coast of Greenwich Point.¬† Following the restoration of the historic Chimes Tower, the musical mechanism and bells system in the Tower will be known as ‚ÄúEmily‚Äôs Chimes‚ÄĚ.¬† ¬†Further, the creation of a water safety center at the base of the Chimes Tower will further the Foundation‚Äôs mission to spread education, advocacy, and awareness of boating and water sports safety regulations and practices for adults and children.

Joe and Pam Fedorko, Emily‚Äôs parents and the founders of the Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation, stated,¬† ‚ÄúWe are forever grateful to have our daughter Emily honored in this way.¬† Emily loved music, and it is wonderful that ‚ÄėEmily‚Äôs Chimes‚Äô will ring out over the waters surrounding Greenwich Point.¬† We can‚Äôt help but feel that her spirit will be watching over the waters of the Sound, and we are committed to making it safer for children and adults to enjoy water sports activities and boating.‚ÄĚ

Chris Franco, President of the Greenwich Point Conservancy, stated, ‚ÄúWe are so pleased to be working with Joe and Pam and their Foundation to honor the memory of Emily, and to include an important water safety component in the base of the Chimes Tower at the restored Chimes Building.¬† We are excited to be moving forward with this important project, which will restore, preserve and revitalize one of the most beautiful and unique late -19th-century buildings on the Connecticut shoreline. We are very pleased that the Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation will be a part of the GPC‚Äôs project.”

About Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation 
The Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation (ECFF) is a family foundation that provides funding to spread education, advocacy and awareness of boating and water sports safety for adults and children, throughout Connecticut and nationwide. The foundation was created by Pamela and Joseph Fedorko to honor the life of their beautiful 16-year old daughter Emily, who lost her life during a tragic water tubing accident in the summer of 2014.

ECFF supports programs and initiatives that educate boaters and water sports enthusiasts of all ages about the importance of understanding and following essential boating and water safety laws, regulations and best practices. This includes awareness of both state and local boating and water sports rules and regulations, attaining necessary certifications, knowledge of each body of water, the vessel mechanics, and life jacket requirements, ongoing safety education for boat drivers, navigators and passengers, and more.

For more information, or to make a tax-deductible donation, please visit

About The Greenwich Point Conservancy

The Greenwich Point Conservancy was founded in 2004, and its mission is to work for the restoration and preservation of the historic structures and other elements at Greenwich Point for the enjoyment of current and future generations.¬† Over the past fifteen years the GPC has funded and directed the restoration of the historic and award-winning Innis Arden Cottage (c1903) and creation there of the Floren Family Environmental Center at the Innis Arden Cottage, the restoration of the oldest building at Greenwich Point, The Old Barn (c1887), and the creation of the Sue H. Baker Pavilion at the Old Barn, and the restoration of the historic Gateway to Greenwich Point, and the creation of the Gateway Gardens at the entrance to Greenwich Point .¬† Most recently, the GPC funded and directed the restoration of the oldest house in Greenwich, the historic Feake-Ferris House (c1645-1689), which is located just outside the entrance to Greenwich Point and was built shortly after the founding of Greenwich in 1640.¬† At that time, Greenwich Point was known as ‚ÄúElizabeth‚Äôs Neck‚ÄĚ, and was the original purchase of Elizabeth Winthrop Feake, the subject of Anya Seton‚Äôs famous novel The Winthrop Woman, who with her husband built the original portions of the Feake-Ferris House.¬†¬† The GPC is excited that its next project will be the restoration of the historic Chimes Building (c1896), including the historic Chimes Tower (c1901).

For more information, or to make a tax-deductible donation, please visit


The ECF Foundation has donated $10,000 toward new gymnastics equipment to be used by the Greenwich High School gymnastics team. Emily was a member of the team during her 2013-2014 sophomore year.


The Old Greenwich Merchants Association donated part of the proceeds from the Old Greenwich Block Party on June 28th. Thank you OGMA!

A Walk for Emily on Sept. 12

Close family friends and Stannard Beach neighbors have joined forces to organize Walk for Emily on Saturday, Sept. 12 to raise funds for the Fedorkos’ new cause, the Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation, and community awareness of the new boating and towing safety initiatives the foundation promotes.

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Old Greenwich Block Party will benefit Fedorko foundation

The Old Greenwich Block Party has quickly become a beloved summer event, but this year it will have extra meaning atop all the fun and games. A portion of the proceeds from the June 28 event will benefit the Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation.

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Arch Street Teen Center Concert Benefits Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation

Arch Street Teen Center was the venue for a Saturday night concert featuring Kalimur and Sarah Mathes. The concert was a benefit for The Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation.

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GHS bake sale, bandana sales mark memory of Emily Fedorko on her birthday

Thoughts have turned to the memory of 16-year-old Greenwich girl Emily Fedorko since May 1 would have been her 17th¬†birthday.¬†Money is now being raised for the Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation by her Greenwich High School classmates who are selling bandanas with the foundation‚Äôs logo and ‚ÄúTurn it off 4 Emily‚ÄĚ on them.

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Emily Fedorko Remembered

She didn’t know a stranger; she did not have a stranger in her life,” Silver told the crowd in the Greenwich Harbor plaza next to the teen center. “She was one of the students who when she left a dance, she would high-five you, even if she knew you or not. She was that kind of person whose spirit and life will carry on for the rest of mine, as I know it will in¬†yours. ¬†Read More

Emily Fedorko: In Loving Memory

Foundation Honors Emily Fedorko

Fedorkos Remind Boaters to Stop, Think, Prepare

Greenwich Sentinel | May 21, 2018

It’s that time of the year again for countless people living on the coast. Time to get outside and enjoy the fact that the winter weather is officially in the rear-view mirror.

Around Greenwich, many people are getting their boats prepped for entry into Long Island Sound, eager to have some fun in the sun and on the water. For Joseph and Pamela Fedorko, this is the time of year they like to get the word out on the importance of boater safety.

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Board Member Angela Swift Radio Interview on WGCH

Malloy signs Emily Fedorko bill into law

With the signing of his name, Gov.¬†Dannel P. Malloy¬†on Friday turned ‚ÄúEmily‚Äôs Bill‚ÄĚ into ‚ÄúEmily‚Äôs Law‚ÄĚ and finalized new regulations for safe boating created in the aftermath of the tragic accident that killed Greenwich teenager¬†Emily Fedorko.

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Govenor Malloy signs Emily’s Law

Just over a year since a tragic boating accident took the life of 16-year-old Greenwich resident Emily Fedorko, Gov. Dannel Malloy signed ‚ÄúEmily‚Äôs Law‚ÄĚ, creating safer standards for boats towing waterskiers or rafters.

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Malloy to sign Emily’s Law on Friday

Gov. Dannel Malloy will come to Stamford Friday to sign Emily’s Law, a new boater safety initiative created after the death of Greenwich teenager Emily Fedorko in August 2014.

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Featured on the, September 3, 2015

After Tragic Death of Teen Daughter, Parents Get Boat Safety Law Passed in Connecticut

peopleAfter the loss of their beloved daughter, Pam and her husband Joe Fedorko decided to honor Emily’s memory by advocating for water safety awareness through the Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation and “Emily’s Law,” which mandates that all boat operators take a boating safety course and be at least 16 years of age. The law was passed in the state of Connecticut on June 4.

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Featured on the Today Show, June 15, 2015

New boating law helps parents honor daughter

todayAs summer kicks off and families head out on vacation, a new law, being called “Emily’s Law,” has been passed in Connecticut and is hoping to make the water a little safer. The Fedorko family helped to get stricter guidelines for towing people behind boats after a tubing accident took the life of their daughter.

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Malloy signs ‚ÄúEmily‚Äôs Law‚ÄĚ safe-boat/towing legislation

Gov. Malloy has signed Emily’s Law, in honor of Emily Fedorko. The Law¬†prohibits children under-16 from piloting watercraft towing skiers or tubers and requires a related safety course. Here‚Äôs a summary of the legislation.¬†Read More

Boating-safety bill in honor of Greenwich teen passes Senate

The legislation, which passed with little discussion, next heads to the House. It would prohibit children under 16 years of age from towing skiers or tubers and establish a safe water-skiing module in boating-safety courses. Read More

Parents of Emily Fedorko Lobby For Boating Safety

“Pam and I sit here today knowing our daughter Emily is gone forever,” Greenwich resident Joe Fedorko told legislators. “We have to live with that. We have established the¬†Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation¬†to honor her, but most important, to educate as many people as we can in water sports¬†safety.”¬†Read More

Boating Safety Bill Gets Greenwich Sponsors

After the accident on Long Island Sound that claimed the life of 16-year-old Emily Fedorko last summer, Greenwich officials promised legislative action on water safety. Now that promise is turning into action.  Read More

Are State Boating Regulations too lax??

Today Show Covers Tubing Safety

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